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The Radically Balanced Yogi

People aren’t naturally balanced. That’s why there’s yoga. The great ancient teachers of yoga knew this – and the great contemporary teachers know this, as well. More importantly, we know this.

Being human is complicated. A yogi is someone who strives for balance – someone who chooses to elevate themselves to higher levels – a vibration that’s in tune with the entire universe.

Why would we want this? Because we then become happier – we become better parents, spouses sons and daughters. We become better community members. We become better at our jobs, We become better at playing and relaxing. We just become better period.

We all want this – but to change – maybe even radicalize our thinking around this is a big step. It’s not that it’s particularly difficult. It does, however, require a small amount of focus and education.

That's where the Radically Balanced Yogi comes in.

Deepen your already existing yoga practice in this 6-week course. With fellow yogis, we will focus on how to obtain balance for your entire being— body, energy, mind, and heart. The material is hundreds of years old. The teacher is a Yoga Therapist and father of two who believes that everyday is an opportunity to experience radical balance. 

Join us in finding radical balance for yourself so that you may expand and share 
this gift with those that surround you.

Why Radically Balanced?

What if we put our focus, energy, and creativity into balancing ourselves?

What if we did this in such a profound, economical, and enlightened way that we elevated ourselves and the people around us?

What is it to radicalize your thinking around true health, true contentment, and true expansion?

This course is it. The tools we all need to find deep balance across all aspects of ourselves.

Why settle for a bunch of poses when you can become a Radically Balanced Yogi!

Program Details

This is how it works:

  • Weekly instructional videos from Brandt. 
  • Daily emails to guide you towards radical balance.
  • Meditation audio file and handout for your meditation practice.
  • Ask questions & report your progress on our private forum (coming soon).
"I was working with a knee injury and though my asana practice needed significant modification, I was able to concentrate more on the other kosha levels, which are not usually my first "go to." So my injury has opened up the possibility of an even fuller practice."
"Thank you, Brandt, for this great course! I'm definitely interested in signing up for the next session. I really appreciate this information and am finding that it is very applicable to my yoga practice and lots of aspects to my life. I'm working on being more in touch with my intuition and found these practices very helpful."
"I just did this week's practices and I feel great. For a minute, I found that space between the breaths and really experienced it. I love the idea that it is the peace within us and always available to us. I want to be able to remember that feeling and call upon it in the future (or put it in a bottle for later use)! I soon lost it, but I hope that continuing to do this practice will help make it more available to me."
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