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Meditation Program

Hello and warm greetings! If you are here, you likely consider yourself a seeker. We all have our personal path: Seekers of something greater. Seekers of a more fulfilling life. Seekers of expanded consciousness. Seekers of personal spirituality and evolution.

If you can relate to this and are seeking authentic teachings for personal transformation, welcome home.

Who We Are

The Breathing Deeply Meditation School is an online meditation community. Our school is open to all seekers with any experience level or from any tradition looking to expand and evolve their meditation practice.

Through program, process, and community, we work with a blend of yoga and tantric techniques both at home, online, and through consistent live interaction. Designed for householders, our meditation framework is easily understood and accessible through the gift of technology.

Breathing Deeply Meditation Retreat

“I have meditated quite a bit and had some ‘big’ universal consciousness type experiences doing so. I tried to integrate them into regular life for about 10-15 years. Once I started studying with Brandt I made more progress with that in one year than in the previous 15 years. I tried different practices and communities but couldn’t find one that I felt comfortable in. I wanted a systematic exploration of techniques within a community to help me stay consistent with my meditation practice, even through big life shifts, when I’d tend to falter in consistency, always to my detriment.”

– Sara

Who Are You?

Next Steps

Register here for the Breathing Deeply Meditation Program and immediately become an integral part of a spiritual community based on personal evolution, transparency, and mutual respect.

You’ll begin with Level 1 techniques for grounding and tranquility and you’ll have the ability to attend a live session with Brandt and other sangha members as early as this week.

The Meditation Program tuition cost is $99 quarterly or $348 annually.

Option 1

$ 99 Quarterly
  • $33/month

Option 2

$ 348 Annually
  • $29/month

Program Includes:

  • Online meditation course including video instructions and audio meditations
  • Live Q & A’s with Brandt via Zoom
  • Access to our own online community via our own social networking site. 
  • 4 x 2.5 hour live virtual meditation retreats per year
  • All Q&As, meditations and retreats are recorded and accessible 24/7

Frequently Asked Questions

The time commitment for this meditation course is designed for people with busy lives. It is expected that you have family, work, and/or other life responsibilities, so the practices offered do not take huge amounts of time. Consistency, however, is extremely important. You can expect to be meditating for 20-40 minutes 1 or 2 times per day. In addition, time for live interactive Q&A calls and self-reflection is highly recommended. Monthly sadhana talks and both online and residential meditation retreats are also available throughout the year, encouraging students to delve deeper into practice together.

You do not need to know much about meditation or have a meditation practice to join our program. You do however need a sincere and motivated desire to know yourself and practice regularly to gain the benefits of practice.

Absolutely not. Our teaching is based in yoga and tantra traditions but they are designed for all people. You will not be asked in any way to adopt or change your current faith-based practices. Yoga is accessible to all regardless of culture or belief system. There is some chanting in this course and it may be modified or skipped to match your faith-based needs.

The main teachings are based on expanding awareness and finding the oneness and understanding the similarities in diverse teachings. Brandt’s main teacher taught him both yoga and tantra techniques and this program is an offering of these concepts through his lens of practice, fusing key practices and teachings that he has been given. His work is also influenced by years of meditation mentoring and work as a yoga therapist helping individuals expand consciousness and find stability in practice.

This is a big question! The short answer is that we are here to know ourselves more fully and be more present for ourselves and those around us.

No. Each one of us is an independent thinker and spiritual support comes from many places. No one is required to see anyone as “above” themselves. We are committed to providing a safe environment for all students to practice and expand their knowledge.

They are currently held on Fridays at 12:30pm EST with one on Wednesday evening per month at 8:30pm EST (dates public to community 3 months out). The remote retreats are offered quarterly, so 4/year, seasonally. Meditation Q&As are currently held at 12:30pm EST and on one Wednesday evening per month at 8:30pm EST. Community members receive 3 months notice of monthly session dates. The remote retreats are offered once each quarter.

You are eligible to apply to our Meditation Mentor program after being enrolled in our meditation community for 6 months.  

Absolutely! The course is designed in two parts for this reason. Many of us wish to deepen our practice and evolve, but that does not in any way mean that we want to be a meditation teacher or “mentor”. If this is the case for you, we invite you to join the Meditation Program.

Online retreats are included with your subscription. Live residential retreats require separate registration.

Meditation Program tuition is charged quarterly or yearly and includes the online material and online community and retreat sessions. There are no extra fees. (If you choose to attend a residential retreat you will be billed for it separately.) You are charged quarterly or yearly and that includes the online material, online community, and online retreats. There are no extra fees. (The live retreats are billed separately for those that choose to attend.)

Sure. Check out Brandt’s one hour practice here:


You can’t fall behind, ever! The course is self-paced and designed to support your practice indefinitely.

Students with a sincere interest in mentoring others can apply for our Mentor Training Program after 6 months participation in the meditation community (Program).

Meditation Mentor Certification

Once enrolled in the Meditation Program, you become eligible to get certified as a Breathing Deeply Meditation Mentor. Joining the Mentor Certification Program might be your plan from the beginning of enrollment, but it is not until you are steeped in the practices that you will really know if your next steps are to teach others in this way. Click here for more information about becoming a Breathing Deeply Meditation Mentor. No matter where your meditation path takes you, we look forward to meeting you soon. 

Join us today.