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The Breathing Deeply Meditation Program

Personal Evolution Through
Meditation & Community


Self-Paced With Structure

Instructor Led

Global Community

Exclusive framework, 37 video lessons, weekly live sessions, ongoing connection with the community through app.

A unique fusion of ancient text, Yoga & Tantra, relayed in a practical methodology to develop your personal practice.

Connect with like-minded individuals, in a context of mutual respect, to enrich your practice and share the experience.

How can I deepen my meditation practice?

My lessons have only scratched the surface…

I can’t find a teacher I resonate with…

I wish there was a community where I could ask questions…

The Breathing Deeply Meditation Program


Level 1: Grounding & Tranquility

Grounding and Awareness practices and tranquility states,
to bring the mind to a more sattvic state.
8 practices, including Spine Breath, Japas, 5 Koshas Awareness, and more.

Level 2: Awareness & Pranic Activation

Practices that use our Pranic body, to unlock our mind’s ability to see and influence our inner energy.
8 practices, including Mula Bandha, Ajna with Om Namaha Shivaya,
3 Centers Meditation and more.

Level 3: Samadhi & Surrender

Learn to let go of what we see as ourselves and gain access to that which is available to all of us.
8 practices, including Who Am I?, Open Heart Lotus, Ananda Yoga Nidra, and more.

“Am I A Householder”?

Most of us are, as they say in Yoga, “householders.” This means the demands of everyday life are part of your reality. That’s why the ancient texts on meditation are so challenging for most of us to put into practice, in a sustainable way.

Finally A Way To Prioritize Your Meditation Practice

Our unique monthly subscription program gives you access to all the benefits, right away

The Breathing Deeply Meditation Program is like no other

To those seeking authentic teachings for personal transformation, welcome.

How Our Program Works

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Tuition $29.99 / Month & Cancel Any Time

Is It For Me?

Maybe you’re a yoga teacher whose practice is missing something.

Perhaps you’re a yoga practitioner or meditator who has gotten a taste of what mindfulness can bring to your life and you want more.

Or maybe you’re an inquisitive intellectual who wants to find peace or quell anxiety inside yourself.

And what if you just want to be happier.

The Breathing Deeply Meditation Program and our meditation community serve as a spiritual home for meditators of all backgrounds and experience levels.

Do You Have Questions?

Contact us any time to get your questions answered and find out more about The Breathing Deeply Meditation Program. Also, check out the topics below for more information.

Interested In Becoming A Meditation Mentor?

After being enrolled in our meditation community for six months, if you feel called to guide others on their personal path, we invite you to apply to our Meditation Certification Program. Review the program page to learn more.

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