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Peaceful Weight Loss(tm) has helped thousands of people move past the struggles associated with dieting and meet their weight loss goals. It’s about nourishing the whole self… and forever changing your relationship with food. 

 Enjoy 12 simple and effective 30-40 minute yoga sequence led by Peaceful Weight Loss(tm) through Yoga creator, Brandt Passalacqua. . At Home with Peaceful Weight Loss(tm) has been developed to fit into your busy lifestyle while meeting your needs to stay centered and lose weight. 


When we make the time and space to get on the mat to practice yoga postures (asana) that are right for us, we take care of our bodies. This practice allows us to move forward on our weight loss journey with more clarity, awareness, and a greater understanding of what we need to do. Let these 12 videos guide your yoga practice and you will have made another step towards connecting to your weight loss goals — and to yourself. 

At Home with Peaceful Weight Loss(tm) will enable you to move toward your ideal weight in a supportive, steady, and sustainable way. With your monthly subscription of just $4.99 you will enjoy all 12  At Home with Peaceful Weight Loss(tm) videos in the comfort of your own home! Sign up now and cancel at any time!



Join the thousands of people that have changed their relationship with eating using the Peaceful Weight Loss method. Peaceful Weight Loss is a combination of simple yet practical diet, lifestyle, and spiritual guidelines that show the way towards a peaceful mind and a body that makes sense for each individual to make sustainable change.

In this 9 month course you will transform yourself through:

  • Gentle and easy yoga practice which includes simple movement, breath work, and meditation – all that are geared to transform your relationship with the mind. The practices are catered towards individual needs and are designed for all levels. No experience necessary.
  • Steady and guided effort focused on practical and beneficial lifestyle shifts that work for your specific needs and leave you feeling more positive and energized to meet your goals.
  • A step by step process to find your way of eating that will allow you to lose weight and keep it off forever.

What this online course delivers to you:

  • There will be 9 video lectures designed to be watched monthly. You can watch it at your convenience, going at your own pace.
  • Weekly readings and homework.
  • Personal guidance to keep you focused including:Free online accesses to all 12 At Home with Peaceful Weight Loss videos
  • A private community forum where you can ask questions anytime to facilitate interaction between participants and Brandt.
  • A live, monthly videoconference with Brandt where you can get your personal questions answered and hear other thoughts/questions.
  • Weekly Inspirations/Quotes that tie into your course work to keep you motivated and connected.
  • You will not complete this course without getting your personal questions answered.

Transformation is a 9 month course in the Peaceful Weight Loss through Yoga method.

Brandt-036Brandt Passalacqua, creator of Peaceful Weight Loss has helped thousands of people with their struggle with weight and body image. He has now created the opportunity for many to access these teachings. This course will put you on the path to finding peace with the seeming endless struggle with weight food body. Brandt’s teaching style is a practical approach with plenty of real world ideas. No previous yoga experience is necessary.



Thai Yoga Massage Training

Join us for 

Level 1 Fundamentals Northampton, Ma – Jan 16-18, 2015 Level 1 Fundamentals Saratoga Springs NY – Feb 13-15 2015
Level 2 Fundamentals – March 27-29th,  2015
Cost is $450 of $800 for both levels.
email us if want to learn Thai Yoga- The first trainings were amazing!”
“So incredibly grateful to you both for creating this incredible opportunity for us all!
I knew it would be an amazing experience, but it was SO. MUCH. MORE of an than
I EVER dreamed! It was an honor and privilege to spend the weekend with you all!! .. words could never adequately explain  how BLISSED out I am!!!! “



 Thai Yoga Massage is a ancient holistic practice with roots in Ayurveda, it has been practiced by Buddhist monks for centuries. In the practice the body is viewed as a living energy system. Imbalances in this system create “dis-ease”.

DSC_5658Thai yoga therapy incorporates stretches, rhythmic pressure, deep relaxation and works with energy (sen) lines of the body to restore balance. Thai massage increases joint mobility, improves flexibility, circulation, tones organs, relieves muscular and emotional tension, and is a healing therapy for both giver and receiver.Whether you are a body worker or yoga professional, this amazing training will give you a greater appreciation for the complexity of the body, teach you how to identify and provide relief for tension and enhance your confidence when working with a client.

  • This training is offered over 2 weekends.
  • We will be meeting at 9am-5pm  with additional practice time 730-9 Friday and sat nights
  • These 2 weekends will give you the ability to give a full body 1.5 hour Thai massage .
  • Additional training will be available through levels 3 and 4 training in the near future.
  • All trainings are at our small yoga studio in Florence Ma at 45 main st.

Florence is part of the city of Northampton. A tiny city – home of smith college and part of the 5 college area. Northampton is full of shops restaurants music etc. If you need a place to stay please contact us and we will help you find something.

In this course you will:

  • Learn to give a 1.5 hour Thai yoga bodywork session
  • Learn proper alignment and body awareness
  • Learn basic meditation practices to prepare yourself for healing work
  • Be introduced to the history and theory behind Thai massage
  • Have fun!

Thai is a beautiful healing art which is as beneficial for the given as the receiver. We hope you join us.

Cost $400 or both levels $700




  We are happy to answer any questions you may have, please contact us for more information and to sign up.


Peaceful Weight Loss Teacher Training

Interested in helping others in the Peaceful Weight Loss™ process? Train with us! The course trains yoga teachers and other yoga experienced health professionals to work one-on-one with people who are looking to lose weight and bring their physical, emotional, and spiritual self into greater alignment. This certification course will not only provide students the skills to work with others, it will be a process of doing the Peaceful Weight Loss™ work for themselves.

Start Today!

“I took the Yoga for Peaceful Weight Loss Teacher Training last year and benefited tremendously; I can’t recommend it enough! The common sense approach Brandt has created is completely brilliant. This course transformed my own relationship to food and my body, and increased the amount of wellness I experience on a daily basis. I learned how important it is to work with someone over a longer period of time, what kind of guidance is needed in order for clients to take the next step, and how individual support is key to lasting changes. I now feel confident now to offer this work to others, and love helping my clients find more love and self-acceptance through this method.”
Suzanne Lynch
Saratoga Springs Yoga

Yoga Therapy Training

virabhadrasana-1-plAbout Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy 

The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program is designed to certify you to work with individuals within the yoga therapy model. Upon completion you will have the information and skills to work one-on-one with people for a wide range of conditions. The course will give you tools to work with the 5 koshas and apply this information in a therapeutic setting. The course is structured to be completed in about one year. It is also designed for the student to move through at a slower pace, completing when ready. The unique blended online and retreat format allows for schedule flexibility so that people with a variety of life situations can participate. Admission is rolling and you may begin the course at any time.

sukhasana-plWhat Will Be Covered

The main part of this course will be delivered in 52 lectures online. These classes will be available for you online 24/7, allowing you to take them when it’s most convenient. Each class will include homework to help you integrate and fully understand the information. There is also a community forum for all trainees to ask questions that arise at anytime.
You will also receive a weekly, live online, group Q & A with Brandt to delve deeper into material and questions.

Each class lecture, the community forum, our private FB group, as well as the live sessions will be available to you at any point along the way, so even after you’ve completed the course, you may ask questions, re-watch lectures and interact with other students (and Yoga Therapists!) both online and at our annual retreat for graduates.

This course is based on years of knowledge and experience as a practicing Yoga Therapist. You will be taught through a Koshic “lens”. The koshas are how yoga views the human experience. By the end and completion of this program, you will be able to assess any client and teach them techniques for self healing.
You will have a clear grasp of how human anatomy works and be able to apply it in a real world setting. This course is designed for actual application and the teachings come from actual cases. The goal of Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy is to train people to be clear on how to work with any condition from lower back pain to arthritis, depression to spiritual connection, in a focused way that has full integrity.

bakasana-plWeekend Retreats

There are 3 weekend retreats as part of the course. These retreats will be held just above New York City in Garrison, NY at the Garrison Institute ( and are offered 3 times per year. To complete the course you must attend 3 weekend retreats, although they do not need to be in the same year. This allows for students to move through the program at their own pace.  Retreats are a chance to work on Sadhna and skill building for topics that are more difficult to transmit online.

(Note: The weekends are billed separately from the course and the fee will vary depending on the accommodations you choose.Generally the cost should be between $400-$600 per weekend including all meals.)

(Note: Next Weekend retreat is September 11-13 2015 Click Here For RETREAT INFO

Completing The Program
You may complete this course at any time. There are 4 requirements to certification
1) Completion of all 52 online lectures and homework
2) Attendance of 3 weekend retreats
3) Completion of 2 papers outlining case studies
4) Oral exam by teacher

This course is open to all yoga teachers at a 200 hour level or equivalent from any tradition. Others will be considered case by case.




 brandt2013About The Teacher

Brandt Neiman Passalacqua has been enjoying yoga and the healing arts for 13 years. Brandt has studied many styles of bodywork and yoga. Some certifications include Structural Yoga Therapy – Integral Yoga – A graduate of the Swedish Institute School of Massage Therapy – Ohashi Shiatsu Method – Thai Yoga healing arts, among others.
After struggling with obesity and autoimmune illness, Brandt found his way through yoga and the healing arts. His private practice integrates yoga therapy, Chinese medicine, various bodywork techniques, and plain old common sense to help people realize their goals. He regularly works with obesity, eating disorders, acute and chronic physical complaints, chronic diseases and mental conditions.
Brandt leads retreats and workshops in yoga retreat centers and massage schools around the country. He is the author of “Peaceful Weight Loss through Yoga” and the co-author of the 12 video series “At Home with Peaceful Weight Loss”. He runs regular teacher certifications in Peaceful Weight Loss and Yoga Therapy. He is also the co-director of Breathing Deeply yoga studio in Northampton, MA. His next book “Yoga Therapy – Working with the Koshas” is due out in 2016. Brandt lives happily with his family in Northampton, MA.