Here’s How to Become a Certified Yoga Therapist in 2022

becoming a yoga therapist

Millions of people are in desperate need of yoga therapy services. Becoming a yoga therapist is both an excellent career choice and a great way to help those in need who are seeking meditative tranquility. Learning how to become a yoga therapist is the first step toward this lofty goal, especially if you seek professional certification.

Breathing Deeply offers several yoga therapy training courses for those looking to pursue this career path. With Breathing Deeply, you will learn how to become a yoga therapist from qualified and caring professionals. 

Interested in learning how to become a yoga therapist? Here’s everything you need to know about becoming a certified yoga therapist. Read on to learn more about how Breathing Deeply can help you meet your career goals.

How To Become a Yoga Therapist

Once you enroll in a school of your choice, you can start becoming a yoga therapist by attending an introductory course. Consider Breathing Deeply’s Foundations Program. The course will teach you anatomy, philosophy, theory, and how to apply this information and tools in a therapeutic setting.

Yoga therapy is incredibly rewarding, so expect these introductory sessions to lead to additional fulfilling lessons later on. After completing your introductory course you can take an IAYT-accredited advanced course that will provide you with the highest-level formal training you need to become C-IAYT.

Your teachers should be wise individuals who can impart many helpful resources to you in the course of your education. They may be able to provide you with helpful work experience as a student that helps you grasp the fundamentals of being a great yoga therapist

Graduating from an accredited program isn’t enough by itself, however to become a certified yoga therapist — you’ll also need to solicit formal approval from the IAYT after you’ve finished your courses. You can apply at any time once you’ve completed your training program, but there’s only a limited period of time each year when the IAYT reviews and accepts these applications. 

The most recent window for IAYT Certification (C-IAYT) ended on January 21, 2022. The next 4-month window is March 7 – July 5, 2022. Learn more about your eligibility and how to become a yoga therapist on their official website. 

What Is The IAYT?

Have you heard of the International Association of Yoga Therapists before? The IAYT will become an important part of your life if you seek to become a certified yoga therapist. This organization provides important professional credentialing to those yoga therapists who want to stand apart from the crowd. 

Consider getting a certification from the IAYT before you launch your yoga therapy business. Accreditation shows other healthcare service providers your customers may visit that you are a legitimate professional yourself. It will also prove instrumental to your marketing efforts, especially when you appeal to your very first customers. 

However, you do not need to be IAYT-certified to run a successful practice. Becoming a yoga therapist begins with taking an introductory yoga therapy course from an organization such as Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy. We provide various course options that will ensure you’re familiarized with the best yoga practices in 2022. 

Continued Education for Skilled Yoga Therapists

Becoming a yoga therapist who is widely renowned for their talent will take years of hard work. Luckily, there are resources for continuing your education that make becoming a yoga therapist master more achievable than ever before. 

The IAYT offers an Approved Professional Development program to help you maintain core competencies while staying up to date on the latest innovations in the field. This will make eventual recertification easier if you want to know how to become a yoga therapist who remains successful for years after their initial accreditation wears off. 

The information provided by these courses will help you generate satisfied clients every session. It will also provide you with a level of professional credentialing that will lure in new customers as you turn yoga therapy into your full-time trade. Above all else, it can grant you the peace of mind that you’re a true expert who possesses valuable insights others can benefit from. 

You can also find assistance at the annual Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research (SYTAR) held by the IAYT. There you’ll find rich personal and professional development that may help you assist others after you become a certified yoga therapist.

Additionally, you can enhance your skills through courses and programs offered at Breathing Deeply. Whether you’re just starting out in your yoga journey or are looking to advance your skills, Breathing Deeply provides multiple courses that can meet your needs. 

Turn Your Passion Into a Profession With Breathing Deeply

Ready to become a yoga therapist? The experts at Breathing Deeply will share their knowledge with you in easily accessible courses that are always taught by certified professionals. Breathing Deeply will help you make a positive impact on every client you help through relaxing and meditative yoga services.

Expert mentoring, continuous support, and a culture of constant learning are all just one click away. Get in touch with Breathing Deeply to become a true yoga professional.

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