BDYT Basics Program

The BDYT Basics Program teaches prospective students basic yoga teaching skills so that they may pursue the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Foundations course. The Basics Program is not designed to replace a 200 yoga teacher training. It is instead offered exclusively to those who do not want to teach yoga classes, but wish to pursue a Yoga Therapy Education. The primary goal of the course is to give students basic languaging skills for yoga asana and pranayama. In addition to these skills, we also include and require our course the Radically Balanced Yogi, as a personal practice preparation for the BDYT Foundations Program.

The BDYT Basics 1 Program consists of 3 parts.

  1. Video lectures on how to instruct basic poses with clear languaging.
  2. A tutorial where the student submits a recording of themselves teaching these poses, is given feedback by the instructor, and then asked to re-record incorporating feedback.
  3. Access to the Radically Balanced Yogi, a 6 week course in working with the Koshas and Doshas.

Students may take the Basics Program concurrently with the BDYT Foundations Program. Students who are eligible, are required to pass the basics course before graduating and receiving a BDYT Foundations Program certificate.

Note: Eligible students (who are not 200 hour teacher training certified but have passed the BDYT Basics Program) may continue on to take the 800 hour curriculum, but are not eligible for 800 hours or equivalent certification without completing a YTT of 200 hours or the BDYT Basics 2 Course that is being developed now.