Anna’s Private Sessions

Thank you for finding me! I offer private yoga sessions both in Asana and Peaceful Weight Loss™ through Yoga. PWL sessions can be held in my office in Northampton, MA or via video conferencing or phone. I’ve seen great success long distance!



I usually meet with individuals 2-4 times per month. You will need a six-month commitment to realize change.

Sessions consist of:

Private yoga instruction geared towards building a practice you can do on your own.
Food coaching to help you develop sustainable food choices and eating habits that will help you reach your ideal weight.
My standard rate is $75/hour. Some sliding-scale slots are available.

Peaceful Weight Loss™ through Yoga is the next step on your path to a more healthful and easeful relationship with food and your body.

contact me
(hot link to my email – or yogawithanna@gmail)