Toni Benino

Foundations Program Graduate
Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher
Clearwater, FL

So many things have changed for me since starting the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program! I have gotten so much out of learning how to structure and plan a sequence through a therapeutic lens. My deeper dive into Ayurveda and this now informing a lot of my personal life decisions and choices and advice and suggestions for clients have also been a big change.

There have been many, many Breathing Deeply teachings that have helped me. In this moment of writing this, what stands out to me without thinking too much into it are 1) emphasis on self-practice and sadhana, and maintaining this as regular work alongside working as a yoga therapist. It always starts with us, and connecting to practice on a personal level strengthens what we can offer on a professional level. And the 2) pertaining to course material, Brandt mentioned early on the importance of digesting the information whole-listically, rather than chewing apart each piece and forcing it all in. This spoke so loudly to me not just in navigating the course but is something I now apply in so many areas of my life now, especially when I’m taking in something new.

I have had health obstacles that seem to steer my life since I’m 12. At the point of signing up for BDYT, I was months past a diagnostic surgery for a new condition I’d suspected having. In my adult years, the shift to holistic healing has become and continues to be my focus in approaching my health and treatment. I wanted to explore this more for all conditions and be more informed to better help other people in my shoes or similar shoes.

When I enrolled, one thing that I worried about was self-pacing myself in a way that was meaningful. I think it worked out perfectly because the weekly (I chose Wednesday) zoom meetings were a huge support in holding myself accountable and staying connected. I don’t think that I can pick what the most useful or valuable part of the program was for me, but what’s sticking out, is that I have access to this course for life. And I want to go back to it as I continue to grow.

To anyone considering training in our school, do it! As a yoga teacher, my group class sequences are now designed in the format and structure we learned to design a yoga therapy sequence, with more fluid transitioning and more poses in quantity. And when I work one-on-one with clients now, I see their ability to shift and articulate feelings and states of mind. I’m seeing my clients be more expressive and self-aware!

Info Session

Brandt talks about common questions applicants have about the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program. Tune in to get the full program details.