Susan Frankovich

Foundations Program Graduate
Advanced Program Student
C-IAYT Candidate
Yoga Teacher and Therapist
Location: Reno, NV


“I was working crazy hours as well as teaching multiple yoga and dance classes every week. Days before my 40th birthday, I had a panic attack in a yoga class. My doctor told me I needed to find a way to manage stress. But how? I remembered a friend telling me about yoga therapy. I was curious. I knew I wanted to help people in a deeper way, and I had always connected with and been helped by more holistic and complementary modalities.

The decision to begin my yoga therapy journey with Breathing Deeply was largely related to the convenient, online format, but I also appreciated that Brandt focused his teachings on yoga modalities he knew to be effective and proven. 

Since enrolling, I am a completely changed person. At my essence, I’m the same, but I’ve grown and learned so much, especially in the last year. I feel like the knowledge and the practices have integrated themselves into my system and my mind in such a way that, at times, it’s hard to see or even remember my old self and what I didn’t know before the program.

Overall, there have been many teachings and philosophies that have changed my life, but what has had the greatest impact, I would say, is the pranayamas I have learned. It’s so simple and effective. Additionally, I was always attracted to chanting, but now it’s something I use more often with myself, my students, and my clients, as well. I have also begun meditating. At times, I fall out of my practice, but having experienced the difference it has made, I know it’s something I will keep coming back to.

My teaching has changed completely since starting the program. I was always very much into matching breath to movement, but now I’d say I follow the Breathing Deeply yoga therapy model of breath to movement, strengthening, and then stretching – a process I found had been lacking in other practices. 

When I started with Breathing Deeply I showed up open to learning, and the program has exceeded my expectations. Brandt is an excellent teacher with a deep understanding of the material and is able to explain the same thing in many ways which is so helpful. 

Having access to Brandt every week at the Q&A was invaluable. I didn’t always talk, but I listened, asked questions when I had them, and learned so much. I always felt safe to ask anything. He and all those who contribute to running the school act with integrity and are always there to help.”

I am proud of the work I did with my case study client. She struggled with bipolar disorder and depression. Under my care, she went from 1/10 on the energy scale to 8/10 and became much more stable. She let me know that she would use the practices I gave her for the rest of her life, and that they may well have saved her life.

To anyone considering the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program, I say, do it! You will learn so much, and you will connect with an incredibly supportive community who will help you on your journey.

Info Session

Brandt talks about common questions applicants have about the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program. Tune in to get the full program details.