Steve Bader

Foundations Program Graduate
Advanced Program Student
C-IAYT Candidate
Yoga Therapist & Yoga Teacher, Exercise Physiologist
Buffalo, NY

When I enrolled, I had fairly good knowledge of anatomy, doshas, and koshas along with an ardent belief that yoga can be used to help with a variety of conditions but didn’t know how to apply this knowledge to working with others. The Breathing Deeply program systematically laid out how to assess people through the lens of yoga and figure out effective interventions for any client.

I had long had an interest in yoga therapy and finally decided to take the plunge. Not only did Breathing Deeply’s curriculum align with my interests, incorporating things such as fascial thinking and working with prana, but the online format also made the educational journey much easier.

Breathing Deeply’s teachings of using mantra as a practice has changed me. I had dabbled before, but the knowledge gained regarding how it affects the subtle anatomy solidified my belief and adherence to the practice. Additionally, my clients now hold confidence in the practices that I am bringing because they can see the confidence I have in my knowledge base.

The most useful and valuable parts of the program include two things – The approach of using ayurvedic principles beyond herbs and diet and the Foundations Q&A calls. Having a database of hundreds of calls to hear the approach with different clients was a great way to help speed up the learning process.

The Q&A part of the program sets it above any others. I doubt other programs would give you weekly 1+ hour access to the teacher and a recorded database consisting of hundreds of hours of previous Q&A sessions that delve into topics ranging from theory to working with clients/conditions to business development.

After hearing how one of my case study clients was able to overcome their trauma-based anxiety in crowds after a couple of months using the practices, it really solidified how deeply changing a yoga practice can be. Now, in the practicum, I am a Yoga Therapist working with a wide range of conditions.

Info Session

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