Steph McCreary

Foundations Program Graduate
Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher
Santa Fe, NM

My yoga practice has become more steady, and more informed since I began the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program. My insight into what is happening during yoga practice has deepened, giving me more fuel and inspiration to apply these techniques wisely and appropriately!!

As a trauma-informed yoga teacher at a residential addiction recovery program for women, I was constantly bumping up on my own limitations in addressing clients’ physical pain and concerns. Yoga Therapy and training with Breathing Deeply seemed like the correct avenue to deepen my knowledge about safety in poses, pain relief, and recovery from long-standing health issues.

This program and school has completely exceeded my expectations! I was worried about jumping into a new “form” of yoga and having to integrate new knowledge with previous knowledge… But this happened seamlessly as the BDYT program is built upon real foundations of yoga, and not on any “special” perspective that is separate from other yoga.

There are many Breathing Deeply teachings that have helped me on a personal level. I started practicing meditation for pitta imbalance which did a miraculous thing for me! My critical tongue is now slowing itself… I’ve noticed some changes in how hot I think I need to run in order to function, and am thinking more about the flavor of my words before I speak!!

I am also now teaching more basic asana and breath, with more visible and reported impact. I am less likely to try to “entertain” my clients, and more likely to hold space for their own connection with self.

Yoga therapy helped my case study client to breathe again, after losing her father to COVID early in the pandemic. As a triage nurse working on the COVID floor, her stress levels were high, and her body was tight. Our sessions over six months showed her ability to relax, her sleep improved, and she reported moving much tension out of her system, allowing her to breathe more deeply. I was proud of our work together, even though it was such a difficult time.

To anyone who is considering the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program, make time in your schedule, and take time to really study the material. I found that the most valuable part of the program has been the Q&As!!!! Don’t miss them!!!

Info Session

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