Michelle Cormack

Foundations Program Graduate
Advanced Program Student
C-IAYT Candidate
Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher
Location: Lawrenceville, Georgia
Website: www.southernstarstudios.com

Becoming a Yoga Therapist has been my goal since I started teaching yoga. I was teaching 6 days a week when I joined Breathing Deeply which has exceeded my expectations. I believe that learning should never stop and once you feel that you know everything then life becomes stagnant. Being part of Breathing Deeply has changed me. The knowledge, the community, the live sessions, connection, knowledge, and advice. The Breathing Deeply teachings and philosophy have helped me become a calmer person, too!

I have learned that one on one works better for my students and teaching approach. I feel validated, too, in how some of the ways that I have been teaching were in the right direction, and that yoga therapy is certainly my path. Kosha and Dosha working patterns makes so much sense now. I have more than 1 or 2 directions to research for a client’s practices, as I now have our frameworks and model we use from a yoga therapist’s perspective.

If you join our school and community, I highly recommend attending the Q&As even if you do not have a question to ask. There is so much learning to be had! And, join the meditation program along with the YT training as it supports your evolution and work as a Yoga Therapist!

During my case study, I worked with a client from my chair yoga class. She has a drop foot and even through her husband’s decline in health (and then passing), she continues to do the practices that we designed for her. It is clear that we will continue to do work around grief and loss and I look forward to supporting her in this way.

Info Session

Brandt talks about common questions applicants have about the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program. Tune in to get the full program details.