Marta Shedletsky

Foundations + Advanced Program Graduate
C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher
Location: Yorktown Heights, NY
Case Study: Tinnitus

When I joined Breathing Deeply, I had many private clients, with a variety of health challenges. I knew their yoga practice had been beneficial to them but I wanted to offer them something deeper than just stretching and relaxing.

I chose Breathing Deeply over other schools initially because Brandt’s story inspired me. Also, I have to say that hearing the mantras in the beginning of one of his videos also helped me to choose to study with him. Coming from a very traditional lineage, I was concerned that the teachings might be too “westernized” and through this process I have discovered that I was wrong. (It is actually so much more!) 

Another important factor in my decision to join Breathing Deeply over other schools was the possibility of doing the Foundations Course before the Advanced Program. And even though I didn’t wind up using them, the idea of remote retreats was appealing, as well.

Now I use what I’ve learned every day! My family and clients benefit from the teachings on a regular basis.  One case study that I am proud of is of a woman who with the help of yoga therapy was relieved from shoulder and neck pain. She had tried many other therapies that didn’t help. Through our work together, she also significantly lowered her stress level and improved her quality of sleep.

There were so many useful and valuable pieces that I am taking from this program. On a personal level, the Breathing Deeply teachings and philosophy have taught me to do specific practices for specific reasons, so I continue to adjust my personal practice accordingly. And besides all of the ”Yoga Therapy” material, I really value Brandt’s ability to translate the traditional concepts to an average, non- yoga person’s language. 

To any potential yoga therapy students out there, I would want them to know that aside from all of the valuable teachings, by joining the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy school, you are becoming part of an amazing community —a family for life. My experience has been more than I ever could have expected! 

Info Session

Brandt talks about common questions applicants have about the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program. Tune in to get the full program details.