Lisa Dumas

Foundations Program Graduate
Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist
Location: Bakersfield, CA
Website: Lisa Dumas Yoga

Over time, my work has evolved to focus on those suffering with anxiousness and overly critical inner dialogues. I enrolled in the Breathing Deeply Program because I believed yoga therapy school would contribute to my ability to be useful to that population of people. And it has! The course has helped me to view my students and clients through a koshic lens as well as a doshic lens which sets the stage for a more useful healing experience.

The program has also deepened my personal practice that tends to the well-being of my body and internal landscape. It has offered me additional skills to live a more contented life, and once integrated, to share them with others with purpose and confidence.

The foundations course content is presented in a clear, efficient and accessible manner.  It honours the roots of yoga while evolving one’s skills to suit many people and to heal many different conditions.

I gained so much from the vast quantity of information so generously offered by Brandt during the course and from every Q & A session. I also appreciated the live retreats because of the quality of teachings Brandt offered and the formidable people that are a part of our community.

Many of my colleagues have noticed a difference in my skill set and have asked about the program. I tell them it will enhance their understanding of the true purpose of yoga and meditation and offer greater confidence in how they can help people heal themselves.

I am now working as a Yoga Therapist with deeper knowledge of cognitive coaching and yoga psychology. Recently, I worked with a 19 year old young woman who was suffering with debilitating, acute anxiety. The tools in this course, along with some of the other practices I shared, helped her to experience the truth; that she was so much more than her anxiety. It was so gratifying to see her prove to herself that she is stronger than she thinks and that she can create calm for herself!

This  program is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.


Info Session

Brandt talks about common questions applicants have about the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program. Tune in to get the full program details.