Jessica Miller

Foundations Program Graduate
Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist
Location: Sarasota, Florida

As a Physical Therapist Assistant, I was taught how to treat dysfunction and pain in bodies only. Since starting the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy program, I have begun to assess patients more thoroughly and see them as a whole. My YT training has given me the skills necessary to treat the whole individual – body, breath, and mind.  I am now able to help patients focus on reducing chronic pain and anxiety more thoroughly than before. Something that is a challenge for many medical professionals.  

On a personal level, my yoga therapy training has helped me learn to breathe! I balance my Vata and Pitta with great results! I can calm my mind easier which is something I have struggled with.

The online learning component is what sets the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy program apart from other programs out there.  My life is busy and it allowed me to view classes when it was convenient for me.

To anyone considering enrolling in the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy program, I would say, “prepare to have, not only the lives of your clients changed, but your life changed as well”.

I am especially proud of one client who is a self-described “meathead” who only ever played football and lifted weights.  He now does his pranayama daily and LOVES it. He has also overcome crippling anxiety relating to air travel and is able to travel with his family.


Info Session

Brandt talks about common questions applicants have about the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program. Tune in to get the full program details.