Jennifer Franklin

Foundations Program Graduate
C-IAYT Candidate
Location: Illinois City, Illinois
Yoga Therapist, Doctor of Naturopathy


With Breathing Deeply, I have gained relationships with like-minded people who have helped me grow. I have gained voluminous information on how to help various issues with the support of yoga therapy.

When I applied to take this training, I was a 500-hour yoga teacher, practicing Yin and Ashtanga, but I did not feel it was intimate enough nor resonated with my core as I had hoped. This prompted me to find a Yoga Therapy training (this training) and I have found the connection that I had hoped for. The Breathing Deeply teachings & philosophy have provided me with tools to help myself. I have acquired a sense of belonging that I was void of my entire life. The friendships I have made through the program were a result of the many opportunities for safe connection with others in the Breathing Deeply community.

I have to say, that this training has met my expectations and then some. Honestly, my biggest fear was how I was going to juggle the trips to New York with my already full plate, but the has such an online interactive delivery, which would up working out very well for me personally.

What I have realized when working with my clients now through this lens is while my empathy does not necessarily make me unique, I have found that in this work, it has helped create a safe place for them to be their true selves in order to start resolving issues.

My advice for anyone looking at this amazing program: Be present. Minimize distractions. Take it seriously to get the most out of it.

Info Session

Brandt talks about common questions applicants have about the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program. Tune in to get the full program details.