Jean McGranahan

Foundations Program Graduate
Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist
Location: Oakland, CA

I am a certified yoga teacher, working with seniors and individuals with cognitive impairments. My yoga therapy training has better prepared me to work with this population. The online component of the program and the availability of Brandt and his teaching assistants made the learning accessible and enjoyable. The live discussions that took place each week were so very helpful. In particular, when completing my case studies. I had help and support from live group discussions which Brandt led, that were key to learning the best practices of yoga therapy. It gave me the confidence to move forward.

Among the many teachings and philosophies this program offers, for me, gaining a deeper understanding of the philosophy behind the Doshas and Kosha was the most impactful.  This clarity has helped me better understand people in general, myself included. As a result, I feel I am a better teacher, partner, parent, and yoga therapist. I look at things with a broader perspective now…”we can accept pain, but we don’t have to accept suffering.” I am truly grateful for the time and effort put into developing this phenomenal program!

Since starting the program, I am more aware of how I teach/treat students/clients. Working with older individuals, it is important to have a solid understanding of anatomy and movements that help instead of harm. The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program covered detailed anatomy and physical structures and really helped me understand that everything is connected in the body and that I must endeavor to treat the “whole person”.

The yoga therapy training far exceeded my expectations. The online material was well thought out and professional, and I liked that I could move at my own pace. I was a bit worried about the anatomy, but I feel the study materials and live weekend seminars really helped me to master this portion of the training. Also, once again, I can’t speak highly enough about the one-on-one and group live discussions, with individuals who are truly the experts in this emerging field of yoga therapy.

To anyone considering the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program, I would say, “go for it, and don’t be intimidated!” I would counsel them to be open to the online concept. There are numerous opportunities for “live online” discussions and trainings. I chose to do three case studies, even though the requirement was two. I chose unusual conditions to work with, such as Marfan’s Syndrome, and had a lot of help from the Breathing Deeply teachers.

I am currently implementing what I have learned in my group work with older individuals and I’m also doing online individual yoga therapy sessions. I am still teaching yoga classes, but I am better equipped to teach therapeutic yoga now, rather than Vinyasa or Hatha.

I am pleased to share that I am currently working with the Alzheimer’s Association. I have developed a program called “Mindful Movement for Alzheimers”, which I have been able to greatly refine thanks to my yoga therapy training.  I am also very pleased that all three of my case study subjects still keep in contact with me, and two of them are now clients. I feel like I am truly making a difference.

My understanding of yoga therapy has changed immensely since I started the program. It has opened up endless possibilities in which to use yoga therapy to help people. It has been an informative and exciting journey, and I highly recommend the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program to anyone interested in yoga therapy as a profession.


Info Session

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