Irma Isabel Padilla

Foundations Program Graduate
Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher
Los Banos, CA
Yoga For All

Since I started the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program, I have been more mindful of my yoga students’ needs. I have found myself thinking about which poses will help assuage certain ailments while teaching the sequence. And, at times, I have announced the benefits/contraindications of certain poses during the practice. Since then, I’ve had students come up to me and tell me what is going on in their bodies before class, which also makes me aware of what to do with that particular student. I also learned not to take certain diseases/ailments for granted. Studying and researching certain diseases/ailments were an eye opener for me.

When I joined, a little over a year ago, I had started teaching yoga at an active adult community (55+) and although I started with Gentle Yoga, I realized that some practitioners were having difficulty with certain poses because of their, arthritis, rheumatism, hip/rotator cuff replacements, scoliosis, COPD, etc.. I also have a student who was diagnosed with Polio at a young age, and I felt kinda guilty for perhaps pushing her too hard. She would do her best and not complain, but I felt I could do more to help her get stronger on her weak side. Yet, I did not want to make it worse for her (clueless of what was going on in her body or what she was really feeling) so I thought that there had to be a program that can delve into a deeper practice for those who are suffering from certain ailments. So I did my research and found that your program (after browsing through many) had a more thorough approach.

What really stuck with me was learning that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. That my job is to listen, guide and support. And, the philosophy of Yoga Sutras 2.2, 2.7, and 2.8, are my favorites because they kept me grounded and focused. I also learned that there is one truth and many paths. This teaching sure came in handy when I did the practicum with my clients. Moreover, I found myself meditating more often. Personal favorite? Chakra Meditation.

Since I started working with my clients, word got out and I did have some people asking if I was willing to work one on one with others who had physical issues. However, I didn’t feel very confident at the time, and I said that I’d rather wait until I was certified. In addition, my yoga class has grown and that’s a plus! And now, I’m certified. As mentioned before, by adding helpful information for certain ailments while cueing during a yoga class. I now ask students to come to me after the yoga class with any questions/concerns regarding any health issues both physical and mental.

For me, the most useful/valuable part of the program were the retreats and Lisa, my Teaching Assistant’s, support. I wish I could have attended more Q&As though, but my current schedule didn’t permit it. However, I do consistently watch the them on playback and I have learned a lot. I would also have to say, the pacing was perfect for me since I did have a couple of personal issues going on during the course time frame. I loved that I didn’t have to adhere to a specific schedule.

To be honest, I was worried that the course wouldn’t meet my expectations because it was online, and I’m more into hands-on, in-person training. But of all the ones I researched, Breathing Deeply had more to offer, lots of specific information, and the coursework was on point. Plus the TAs were very helpful and did not hesitate to answer my emails. Brandt has a very calming and soothing demeanor which made me feel at ease when we met as he is very approachable which is nice.

If you’re considering the program, know that lthough the program is a big investment (in my opinion) it was totally worth it. That they don’t only focus on too much information, but that there are Group Sessions, retreats, and TAs that are very willing to help. Plus, if you finish the program, you are always welcome, even after graduation, to join the Q&A sessions if you have any questions/concerns while working with clients. Most importantly that it’s a very rewarding experience.

One of my case study clients who suffers from Polio has gotten stronger on her left side and has improved her balance. At first, she was feeling cramps in her left leg when we started the therapy, and after 2 sessions the cramps stopped. The client sessions also helped increase her confidence and to this day she is one of my advanced yoga students. 😉

Info Session

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