Caryna Wong

Caryna Wong

Advanced Program Graduate
Yoga Therapist, C-IAYT
Location: Mount Kisco, NY

When I enrolled in the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program, I had been working with Dr. Loren Fishman for a few years and was offered to be grandfathered in as C-IAYT. I chose not to do it that way because I wanted to go through a training as I knew there were things that I didn’t know. I wanted to gain a better understanding and a broader approach to dealing with various issues other than physical ones. 

I chose Breathing Deeply after I spoke with Brandt about herniated disc treatment. Since starting the program, I have obtained more tools and knowledge to help me recognize various non-physical issues and help my clients deal with them. It has been extremely useful to be able to better assist clients whose symptoms present as physical issues but they wind up having underlying trauma. I can now recognize this and provide them with an appropriate approach and the help they need. 

I am implementing the knowledge I have gained from this program into my yoga therapy work with clients who have physical issues but also whose non-physical issues may be contributing to their pain. One success story I want to share from my practicum is with a client who suffered a number of physical injuries and issues within a short amount of time. As I worked with her, I initially thought she might have some sort of trauma related to these issues. After some time together, it became clear that there was something else she needed to work on and referred her to a therapist who is helping her with these issues. Physically, she is a lot stronger than she was when we began and we are working on practices to help her soothe herself when other issues come up.

If asked “What was the most useful/valuable part of the program for you?” I would answer the entire thing, as it is a well-rounded program. I have gained more practices that I can use on a personal level and my awareness has increased, especially with non-physical issues to support others in their healing process, as well.


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