Kerry Ammerman, Teaching Assistant

About Kerry

Kerry Ammerman

Foundations Program Teaching Assistant

A graduate of the Foundations program in 2017, Kerry is one of the first to complete the Advanced BDYT program modules as she works toward full IAYT certification. Currently, in the final practicum stage of the BDYT program (and looking forward to the new Meditation course soon to be offered), Kerry is also a Teaching Assistant and helps students complete their coursework as they progress through the Foundations program. One of the things she enjoys most about the BDYT program and being a TA is the contact with other budding yoga therapists and the supportive and knowledgeable community that has grown along with the program. “I feel very confident with the tools and expertise that Brandt delivers in the BDYT program and look forward to serving my small, rural community and integrating Yoga Therapy with the local health network.”

Next Class Starts on September 24

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