Anna Passalacqua, C-IAYT

About Anna

Anna Passalacqua, C-IAYT

Director of Breathing Deeply

Anna’s earliest memories date back to practicing yoga and meditation with the Siddha Yoga community, meeting Swami Muktananda when she was 2 years old.

In her 20’s Anna circled back to her roots as a yoga student, then becoming a yoga teacher and C-IAYT yoga therapist. She has offered yoga therapy since 2006 with a focus on eating disorders, weight loss, and body image. Currently, Anna spends most of her work time as co-director of Breathing Deeply running all aspects of the school and program operations. Anna also maintains a small private yoga therapy practice in Northampton, MA.

Blending her love of human development, yoga, and activism from the inside out, Anna has found that co-creating and directing Breathing Deeply with husband Brandt, to be an integral part of living her dharma. “I never could have imagined what beauty would be created through Breathing Deeply and I am so grateful for our community and their commitment to bringing yoga therapy into the world. I am so honored to serve in this way.”

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