Breathing Deeply 871 Hour Advanced Yoga Therapy Program

Welcome to the BDYT Advanced 871 Hour Certification.

In addition to the overview below, Brandt recently gave this info session about the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program and the field of yoga therapy. Click here to watch.

 Our Program:

The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program strives to give you a single stream, integrated approach to yoga therapy at the Advanced 871 Hour level.

The full program consists of 3 parts:

  1. The BDYT online foundations course
  2. 7 weeks of residential learning (currently held in New York)
  3. A practicum to be done in your community

Our program is modular. First you sign up and take the foundations course. This gives you access to the 52 online lessons, 3x’s/ week live Q&A classes with Brandt, and connection to our thriving BDYT community (via calls, mentoring sessions, and private online forums). Once signed up for the foundations course you may at any time begin attending the week long residential portions of the 800 hour course. Because they are modular, you can take them in any order. The residential weeks can be completed in as quickly as 2 years, or as slowly as one per year for 7 years. To graduate, you will also complete 205 hours of mentored practicum hours working with clients. These hours are steady throughout your 2-7 years.

Why this yoga therapy program?

The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program is taught and designed by a Yoga Therapist with extensive experience in the field. Brandt has seen clients for a huge array of conditions and maintained a full time yoga therapy practice for over a decade. Brandt’s down-to-earth teaching style provides his students with proven, real world applications of ancient yoga therapy concepts. The BDYT Program is designed to directly transfer this method in a clear and useful way to you. Traditionally, this is the way yoga therapy has been taught—teacher to student—with a mentoring relationship that goes beyond just the formal training model.

The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program is also committed to training people with busy lives, families, and other careers and responsibilities. Our format is designed with this in mind. There is no extra busy work or wasted time. We want our students to know that they are supported to become an ethical Yoga Therapist, no matter what their lives and learning needs are. So, take a course at a pace that works for you. Complete the entire 871 hour Advanced Program in 3 years, or take more time upgrading your knowledge. It’s your choice!

Finally, a mention that we are creating a community of Yoga Therapists. Our online format never ends. We expect our graduates to participate, bring case studies and real world problems to our forums and mentoring sessions. Join a collective of skilled Yoga Therapists that goes beyond graduation. Become a Yoga Therapist and find your yoga home with Breathing Deeply.

The Details

What are the prerequisites for the 800 hour program?

In order to be accepted into the advanced 871 hour program, students must have a 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate or equivalent as well as at least 1 year of personal practice and 1 year minimum teaching experience.

The BDYT Foundations Program is also offered as a stand alone program with different entrance requirements. For details, click here. 

What is the cost and how do I pay?

This program is payed in pieces depending how you decide to take it. The tuition for the BDYT foundations program is $2495 and can also be payed in installments over 10 or 20 months. Check out the payment plans here.

The 8 day residential retreat costs vary depending on the accommodations you choose. The 2017 retreats cost between $1,800-$2,000. There are no hidden costs here. This includes all meals and lodging (Friday-Friday) and payment for these weeks happens when you reserve your spot and sign up for them.

The total cost of this program is:

  • 7 retreats approximately: $12,600 (Each Retreat: Triple/Dorm $1860; Double $1965; Single $2035)
  • BDYT Foundations Program: $2,495 (or a payment plan of $2,750-$3,000)
  • Practicum fee: $1,000
  • Testing fee: $250

What Is The Curriculum?

The BDYT Foundations Program covers much material on being a Yoga Therapist.

The BDYT Foundations Program material can be found here.

The residential curriculum hours can be found here.

Click here for our 2017 residential dates.

Where will I be able to work? Will I be a Yoga Therapist?

Yes. You will be a Yoga Therapist. In the west, yoga therapy is finally coming into its own. Yoga Therapists work with private clients for a wide variety of conditions. They also work in conjunction with other healthcare providers. Institutions such as hospitals and addiction centers are increasingly looking to Yoga Therapists to design and implement programs. As the field of yoga therapy continues to expand, so will opportunities. This is a great time to become a certified Yoga Therapist!

How do I apply and get my questions answered?

Please fill out an application here to schedule an interview. We look forward to getting to know you! Om.

A little more about the 871 Hour Advanced Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program:

Our IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) application is in administrative review. We are very excited for this next step in becoming an IAYT 800+ hour accredited program. The IAYT is the largest most respected professional Yoga Therapy association in the world. They have recently adopted standards for the credential of C- IAYT. This is an 800+ program. While one can certainly work with clients one-on-one without this certification (for example after completion of the BDYT Foundations Program), the IAYT 800+ hour cert. is the gold standard that will let the world know that you are as highly trained as you can be in the field of yoga therapy.