800 Hour Module Three

BDYT 800 Hour Program Module 3

Bliss and Wisdom; Yoga Therapy For The Innermost Self Weekend, Yoga Therapy For Bipolar & Borderline Personality Disorder, Weight Loss & Eating Disorders, and Therapeutic Relationships

In the Bliss and Wisdom; Yoga Therapy For The Innermost Self Weekend we will take a deep dive into the Wisdom and Bliss Bodies (Vijnanamaya and Anandamaya Koshas). Together these two koshas or sheaths make up the innermost layers of the self. We will examine practices that balance these aspects of self and students will learn to identify imbalances and then apply appropriate practices to restore balance and connection to these inner koshas.

Yoga Therapy For Bipolar & Borderline Personality Disorder

Often people with mental health conditions are “stuck” in western models that don’t provide positive enough outcomes. In this course we look at 2 difficult to work with mental health disorders, Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. Students will learn about the current western models for treatment of these conditions. We will then learn, as a Yoga Therapist, how to assess and work with clients suffering from these disorders in a safe way and how to stay within our scope of practice. Students will leave more confident in working with clients with these, as well as other mental health conditions.

Weight Loss & Eating Disorders

Based on Brandt’s work with obesity and eating disorders, this course is an overview to approaching obesity and eating disorders from a yoga therapy perspective. Students will learn about the current state of treatment for these issues including the most up-to-date science surrounding them. Asana, pranayama, lifestyle, and meditation adaptations will be examined. We will examine on integrating the koshic and doshic models for these populations with a focus on safe effective languaging will also be discussed.

Therapeutic Relationships

Managing therapeutic relationships is a foundational skill for yoga therapists. In this course students will explore possible issues in the therapeutic relationship. Students will learn how to manage and identify boundary issues, transference and countertransference, and have a clear understanding of how to be ethical from a yogic perspective.

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