1) Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy

So you want to become a Yoga Therapist. You’ve come to the right place! Become BDYT certified.



2) Peaceful Weight Loss: a specialized yoga therapy training

When we take this practice from the yoga mat into our lives, we celebrate the places where things work well and all of the ways that we created systems that promote ease and happiness. We also continue to make slow incremental changes that can last in the places that create unsteadiness.

Certification enable graduates to join the Peaceful Weight Loss practitioner network. Practitioners may use Peaceful Weight Loss™ through Yoga as a credential with their name and materials. Additionally, you will be building a network, creating exposure, and becoming eligible for referrals.

After certification, there will be monthly meetings with Brandt and other Peaceful Weight Loss practitioners for continued support and sustainability.



3) Thai Yoga Massage Training

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient holistic practice with roots in Ayurveda and has been practiced by Buddhist monks for centuries. In the practice the body is viewed as a living energy system. Imbalances in this system create “dis-ease”.

Thai yoga therapy incorporates stretches, rhythmic pressure, deep relaxation and works with energy (sen) lines of the body to restore balance. Thai massage increases joint mobility, improves flexibility, circulation, tones organs, relieves muscular and emotional tension, and is a healing therapy for both giver and receiver.Whether you are a body worker or yoga professional, this amazing training will give you a greater appreciation for the complexity of the body, teach you how to identify and provide relief for tension and enhance your confidence when working with a client.